Shipping information

I am happy to ship a knife to you even if you live outside of Sweden. I regularily do so.

The knife is then sent by postal air mail, properly packed in a  steady bubble-wrap-envelope. ordered from a country outside of Sweden. You also have the choice of getting the delivery by DHL or by sea mail as a postal package. Postal tax is usually avoided as the knife is labelled gift. However, should it arise it will be at your expense.

Here is how you place an order

  1. Choose your knife/knives in the knife gallery, where the prices are listed too
  2. Place an order through the Order form in English
  3. Torsten contacts you within 48 hours with an order confirmation and what the postal fee will be. Until you get the confirmation you don’t know if someone else ordered the knife ahead of you.
  4. Send your total payment through Paypal or bank transfer
  5. The knife is posted to you within three days of receiving your payment.
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