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Can I order your knives from another country?

Yes, I’m happy to ship the knife to another country. You can find more details on these pages: the order form and shipping information.


What does stabilized wood mean?

Stabilizing is a enhancement method for wood. The knife handle-wood blocks are sent from Sweden to the United States. There they use a vacuum pump to remove all the moisture from the wood. Then they add acrylic resin into the wood, and sometimes a colour too. The advantage is getting a rigid knife handle that withstands cold, heat, blood and so on. Furthermore, it allows the knife maker to create a beautiful polish level on the handle.

Some of the advantages of using stabilized wood are:

  • it minimizes wood shrinkage and expansion
  • increased resistance to cracking and warping
  • stabilized wood will not absorb blood or water
  • it is impervious to oils
  • there is no raised grain when sanded
  • sands and finishes easily
  • it will take a very high polish

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